A New Home

I have moved for the time being. I may be back. I’m not sure. You guys are amazing. Thank you for all the support and encouragement that you have given me over the years.

My new address is http://alittlebuttondesign.blogspot.com/
Please come and visit me there if you get a chance.


Our holiday was amazing and beautiful and relaxing. The Scrap started sleeping better and I feel like a new women. There will be some glorious photos in the near future, as soon as I pick Mr WF up from the hospital (he went to the Dr with a tummy ache and ended up in hospital having his appendix removed!) and nurse him back to health.


So, things have been a bit (very) tough this week. Scrap has been in a fair amount of pain and there is alot of swelling and bruising on his delicate bits which resulted in a trip to A&E. Fortunately all is well, it will just take him a while to recover. The car is in the garage costing us a huge amount of money. Mr WF and I are both tired stressed and strung out and have decided that the way to avoid arguing is to limit conversation to the bare essentials. And the microwave blew up.

Last night, we decided that a holiday was needed NOW. So Mr WF has booked a week off starting in one weeks time. Today we decided that even though we’ve spent our entire holiday budget (and more) on fixing the car we would go on holiday and we would go somewhere beautiful and tranquil. I found a lovely little cottage with a heated indoor swimming pool in the Peak District which we are able to rent for just £200 for the week. Its in a village called Hope and I can’t wait!

There is Hope after all.


Things are looking sunnier in this part of the world (metaphorically speaking. In reality, there is no sun just more snow).
Scrap’s op went well. It was more complicated than they expected but it was successful. He coped really well and was still charming the nurses even after 6 hours with no food.
The new dishwasher is mostly installed. It works and doesn’t leak. Just need to get it under the worktop without damaging the stupidly placed wiring.
Mr WF is feeling better and we celebrated surviving a very tough week by spending the afternoon and evening in bed drinking champagne, helped along by the Wispa Golds some lovely person dropped through the letterbox.
Thanks for all the love and prayers. I’m feeling like we might make it through now.

The thing that beeps

There is a thing in my house that beeps. A quiet non-offensive beep every minute or so. Eventually it becomes less non-offensive and more bloody annoying.

I don’t know what the thing is. Or how to stop it beeping. It was installed by the electricians when they rewired the house. It looks a bit like a smoke alarm but I know it isn’t. It says to press and hold the cover to silence it which I have done (several times) but it starts up again a day or two later. It also says DO NOT REMOVE COVER and DO NOT CHANGE BATTERY. Some days it doesn’t beep at all. Mr WF thinks that its related to how cold it is (he thinks it only beeps when it goes below a certain temperature). I’m not convinced but I’m happy to go with it. So long as he can make it stop (he can’t. He’s tried too).

Anyone seen that episode of Friends when Phoebe batters a smoke alarm to death?…

This week…

Good things:
Have been given some money to buy new (shiny) dishwasher and fix oven
Scrap has his hernia op on Friday
Mum is coming to stay
Mr WF is not going away tmrw
Scrap loves real food and rolling over

Bad things:
Scrap hasn’t slept through the night, or even the evening for nearly 3 weeks
Mr WF has a nasty tummy bug (hence not going away tomorrow)
Scrap has hernia op on Friday
Have to cancel seeing my sister on sat due to op and sickness
Have to cancel seeing good friends and meeting their on on sat due to above
Have to sleep in spare room on less comfortable bed to avoid Mr WF and sickness

Bad things are far outweighing good things right now. I am tired and strung out and have very little patience left. Its just a phase though, right?

Lovely People

Ooops, a small delay in posting due to manflu (me) and a very cranky and shouty boy (Scrap).

I would like to tell you about some Lovely People. These are the sort of People who come to stay for the weekend. When they arrive they offer gifts for the Scrap, and cider and wine for Mr WF and I. They also cause the Scrap to stop shouting and smile (he’s a little bit of a flirt). They also spend all day Saturday a) shopping for food for dinner, b) doing all the washing up (even the bits that have been there for months because Mr WF and I refuse to acknowledge their existence) and c) cooking us a delicious three course meal. I felt very spoilt. Especially as I was suffering terribly from manflu.

These are Lovely People indeed.

And Lovely People are greatly needed when you have manflu and have a very shouty boy. And by shouty I mean screaming at the top of his lungs for no discernible reason other than the fact that you are not walking around with him over your shoulder (whatever you do dont sit down).

Can you tell things are a little frazzled here? And by things I mean me. And by a little bit I mean an awful lot.

Slow cooker disaster

My first attempt at cooking in my new old slow cooker was a bit of a disaster. It just smelt and tasted like lamb mince that had been cooked for 8 hours. We quickly made some pasta for dinner and will turn the mince into shepherds pie for dinner tomorrow.

My problem is that I have never really eaten red meat. And therefore I have never cooked with it. I can cook mince and chicken but am nervous about cooking beef or lamb. I think that I need to take a trip to my friendly local butcher (hes called Eric), get some beef and chuck it in with some ale, veg and gravy. And maybe make some dumplings to go with it. And hope that it turns out better than my last attempt!