Its taken me a long time to get started on this blog, mainly because I couldn’t decide on a background. Its an important decision. It could set the whole tone for my blog and I really wouldn’t want to get off on the wrong foot.
So here I am. And I have pegs.

11 thoughts on “Background

  1. Welcome, Wibblyfish. I’m guessing you’re also trying to think of a good title for your blog to go with the peg background? Nothing wrong with "My Wiblog Title" per se, but it doesn’t tell us much about you really…
    …says the man who writes "One Man And His Blog", which doesn’t really tell you much either…

  2. Good evening and welcome.

    Pegs… hmmm… What does that say about you? Maybe that you are well held together, or perhaps you are multicoloured and made of plastic.

    Happy Wiblogging.

  3. Welcome. Until your arrival I was the new girl on the block. I didn’t know you could choose a background. Ah well, nothing wrong with bricks, I suppose, which is what I’ve got.

    Have fun with your blog.

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