When things go wrong

Ever had one of those days when things seem to conspire against you?

I arrived at work on my penultimate day with just enough time to put down my bag, check the emails and head off to pick up a heavily pregnant client for a meeting (with a friendly breastfeeding counsellor) back at the office. Thought I’d better phone said client before leaving to check that she was awake. It turned out she was in hospital on the maternal assessment ward (turned out to be Braxton Hicks contractions). I then attempted to phone the breastfeeding counsellor to cancel. It turned out that the key to the cupboard with her phone number in was locked. There are two keys. One with a colleague who is currently in Scotland, the other with a colleague currently in Gambia. Oh dear.

Finally sorted it out, went to the hospital to visit my client, not for a friendly chat, but because I am her support worker and wanted to check she was ok. So, after a long walk in the (slightly unexpected) heat, I arrived at the hospital only to be refused entry to the ward. Visiting hours weren’t for another two hours! Oh dear again.

I have now fannied about at work for several hours, waiting for our trusty volunteers to arrive to begin outreach at 8pm. They have all just cancelled. I could have gone home several hours ago, put my feet up and had a nice cup of tea. Sob.

I think I should have married a rich man and become a lady what lunches.

3 thoughts on “When things go wrong

  1. by the sound of it you could have put your feet up and had tea while waiting for everyone to cancel, though I do accept that it’s not quite as nice as home. Hope the last day goes better!!!


  2. I’m really enjoying your blog (and trying to figure out what you do – I used to be a health visitor). No pressure, but we expect this sort of high standard all the time now 🙂

  3. I’m enjoying this blog too – welcome 😀 Jack the Lass always steals what I am planning to say (she’s like that).

    I am a lady wot lunches. Well, I grab a quick sandwich when I get home from work before starting on a million and one other jobs to squeeze in before the kids come home. Is that the same thing?

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