Number of viewings for my flat booked in the last 2 days: 5
Number of people who have viewed my flat: 0

Number of embarrassing items left in my car when it went for its MOT: 2 carrier bags full

Number of recruitment agencies I have signed up with: 1
Number of recruitment agencies that have put me forward for temp jobs (like I asked): 0
Number of potential employers when I become unemployed next week: 0

Number of hours it should have taken to get back from Oxford: 1.5
Number of hours it actually took: 2.5

Number of pounds my bank account is currently overdrawn by: [classified]

Number of spiders my agorophobic cat has caught and eaten: 1 (keep going kitty and you’ll be outside soon!)

Number of times that God has saved me from spiralling into a crater of misery and self-pity and given me a shred of hope to cling to: too many to mention

8 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. no favourite movies (not really a movie buff).
    too many favourite shoes (just ask mr wibbles).
    A handful of good friends.
    Not sure how many visitors (haven’t found that button yet).

  2. Number of cats / dogs / guinea-pigs / miscellaneous animals who live with you?

    (Also, why does eating spiders get kitty in trouble? I’m puzzled about that bit.)

  3. One cat only.
    Kitty not in trouble. Am very proud of him for eating spider. He is the ultimate scaredy cat. Usually he runs away from spiders and hides. This could be the first step to him venturing outside.

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