Does anyone else…

…find it really hard to blog when you’ve been away for a while. So much has happened in the past few weeks that I can’t come up with any witty anecdotes or amusing stories to entertain you with. So, in a brief and unentertaining manner, here is what I have been up to:
A holiday – it was lovely
Viewing 10 houses in one day up North (Birmingham) – exhausting and not very fruitful
Starting new job in mental health promotion – currently quite dull (am hoping things will get a bit busier and more exciting)
Endless tidying of flat for very few viewings – disappointing.

And now that I have got over the hurdle on The First Post After a While of Not Posting, I can attempt to write something interesting next time.

One thought on “Does anyone else…

  1. Yes – it’s why I have tried to blog often even when I’m away. I do sometimes write massively long "first entry back after being away" entries if there’s lots about the time away I want to remember or can write interestingly about, but I prefer to write little and often too.

    Welcome back 🙂

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