Good and bad

Good news on the flat front. Lots of people are coming to look round and all really like it (and so they should).

Bad news on the job front. Am sinking into a mire of depression as I doing an admin job. Again. Despite being educated to MSc level and being, most definitely, a people person. There are several things I am interested in doing, in the short term but apparently I don’t have the right qualifications. I can’t even work as a Teaching Assistant because I don’t have an NVQ. Grr. Damn education.

Anyways, rant over. Trying to focus on the excitement of selling the flat and buying a yummy house with a garden. And a dishwasher. And a utility room.

3 thoughts on “Good and bad

  1. that is a lovely looking living room (and flat in general). Hope it sells soon so you can get a place with a garden. And stuff!! ;o)

    Does it take long to get a NVQ to be a teaching assistant?? I know that (depending on subject and age-to-be-taught) some schools are will to take people on without qualifications to "learn on the job". I had one friend who did physics who went to his local comp back home when he was considering a PGCE and they offered him a job, to start in the new term.

    Don’t give up hope yet!!!

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