Happy thoughts

It seems lately that I can only thinking of whingey things to blog about (so I haven’t). I don’t want to be a whinger. I wish there was something inspiring and happy that I could share with you. But I can’t think of anything. So I’ll make something up.

At this point I have a flash of inspiration and think of many happy and inspiring things that have happened this week. I think that maybe I should spend longer dwelling on the good things than getting in a flap about the miserable things.

Happy and inspiring item #1
I had a birthday brunch last Saturday. I made waffles (new waffle-machine for my birthday), gingerbread men, pancakes, and cooked bacon and sausages. We all drank champagne. I felt very loved and well-fed and slightly inebriated.

Happy and inspiring item #2
You may recall my distress at the Royal Mail’s decision to sabotage my birthday by striking. It has, however, worked out well for me this week as I have arrived home from work EVERYDAY to find that a pressie has arrived in the post. Long may it continue.

Happy and inspiring item #3
One of my good friends travelled all the way from Lancaster to London especially for my brunch on Saturday. She made to about 2 miles away from my house and the clutch went in her car. She was told that Herbert (the car) was irreparable and began the hunt for a new car. To cut a long and rambling story short. Yesterday Herbert went to car hospital and got fixed. For only £50. After lots of praying. Hooray.

Happy and inspiring item #4
This week, as part of my job, I went to a happiness workshop. I am learning that we can each take a little bit of control over our own happiness. Obviously some circumstances are out of our control (like seling my flat), but not everything. I am resolving to take control of my happiness in the following ways:
a) think about the good things that happen each day and not just the bad; b) go out more, see friends more and watch less TV; c) start volunteering again; d) smile.

What would make you feel happy?

One thought on “Happy thoughts

  1. Reading this post has made me happy. Thank you. It’s a great, cheering post.

    I would also be made happy by getting a nice job or volunteer placement so that after over a year out of employment (various reasons), I’d be back being productive and having a daily routine and I’d meet new people. I guess I can take more control of this aspect of my happiness by writing my job applications … rather than procrastinating on the web, reading sites like the Wibsite – doh!

    Glad to hear about your little happy things, long may they continue.

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