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Can’tmake it work

I just tried to put a link in my post below using Unordered carroty method especially for Lost in Translation but it didnt work. Can anybody help me do something more than type my blog (eg links, pictures etc).

I want to do exciting things on it but I just can’t make it work 🙁

Mary Poppins Lives in the Kitchen

Something very strange is going on at work. (Apartfromthespacebaronmycomputernotworkingproperly).

Everytime I walk into the kitchen I start singing Mary Poppins songs. Not just the one song (the only one I ever sing at home is The Sound of Music), but the whole collection (obviously not all at once).

I think that maybe Miss Poppins has taken over the Maudsley Hopsital (where I work) and is sending subliminal messages to us all though the airconditioning.



Today, two people have said that they like my skirt, one person asked if I had lost weight, one person said that I had nice legs and one person asked me to be her bridesmaid.

I feel loved and affirmed.

I fell over

on the way to work and hit my head. It hurts and my vision is a little bit blurry so I will tell you what a wonderful weekend I had when I can see a bit better.

p.s. I am not old & infirm, clumsy or wearing ridiculous footwear. I just took a little tumble (downhill).

A series of cat-related events

On Wednesday I came home to find a sore (accompanied by a bald patch) on the cats neck. Given that he doesn’t go out I wondered if he’d got into the cleaning cupboard and got bleach on him so whisked him off to the vet. Apparently he had a ‘hot spot’ (more common in dogs) which he had scratched until he bled and which had then got infected. The vet sent him home with some antibiotics and a small bottle of pink disinfectant which needed diluting and dabbing on the wound twice a day.

My cat, lets call him kitty, is special in many ways. One of his more bizarre habits is that he loves taking tablets. So, I crushed the tablets, sprinkled them on his food and he proceeded to lick the crushed pink pill off his food before eating the rest of his dinner. I then diluted the pink stuff to a pale pink colour (as instructed), put it into an old water bottle, disinfected the cat and left the bottle with the pills in the kitchen.

On arriving home from work, Mr Wibbles saw a bottle of pink liquid and thought, ‘Ooh, Ribena. That would be nice to drink’. I’m sure I dont need to explain what happened next except that I laughed an awful lot and he spent the evening looking sheepish.

I was, however, punished later for laughing at his misfortune. One of the ways that kitty is special is that he doens’t like to sleep at night, he likes to walk all over you and lick your eyelids. He also refuses to go outside. So, in order to get any sleep we have to shut him in the bathroom at night. So last night, as usual, we were playing Hunt the Kitty (he has learnt to run and hide under the bed as soon as he senses us getting ready for bed). I found him, dragged him out from under the bed and carried him to the bathroom. As I put him down, he flailed wildly and got his claw stuck in the skin of my thigh. He then dangled from my thigh as desperate attempts were made to remove him. I now have a nasty wound on my thigh and feel chastised for laughing at the poor man who didnt know any better.

One day, if I can ever figure out how to do it, I will share with you a picture of special kitty. In the meantime, he is small, black, full of beans and has a small amount of siamese blood in him (enough that he is shouty and needy but not enough that he is worth a fortune).

The North, the South and the bit in the middle

I am a Westcountry girl who has lived in London for the past 11 years. In the map of the UK which lives in my head Devon is South, London is in the Middle and everywhere else is North.

Apparently I’m wrong.

On a recent visit to Birmingham I got excited about the fact that since we would be living in the frozen North, it would probably snow at Christmas. Mr Wibbles laughed at me and told me that I shouldn’t make comments like that to people who are from Birmingham. According to him, Birmingham is in the middle of the country, which is where the name Midlands comes from. I subsequently checked a map and was shocked to discover that the Midlands were actually in the middle and not up by Scotland as previously suspected.

However, I appear to be right about the snow.

Whoop Whoop!

Enough of the apathy. I am very excited that about having a new job to go to in Brum. It looks like it will be a great job, working with a friendly bunch of people, with a reasonable salary, a free lunch every day and school holidays off! What more could you ask for.

Having got over the initial reactions of a) disbelief and b) panic about having to move, I am now (a little belatedly) thrilled.

Life is good. Its so easy for me to forget that so let me say it again: Life is good.
Please remind me of this fact when I next write a whingy, self-pitying post. Thank you. 🙂

Post-boredom happenings

A lot has happened since boredom. Unfortunately I am experiencing a complete lack of enthusiasm so can’t really convey how I am feeling. Events that have occured since boredom include:
1) Getting a new job in Birmingham
2) Mulling over the fact that I have to move in 8 weeks time
3) Feeling miserable about the cold of all colds that has lasted for over 4 weeks (whimper)
4) Experiencing a state of anxiety over non-sale of flat
5) Major panic after getting a letter telling me I didnt get the above job (turned out it was a mistake and I did actually get the job)
6) Excitement over ordering a pizza delivery at home for the first time ever

Things are actually going quite well. I’m just a little bit overwhelmed with the stresses of life at the moment.

Boredom continued…

Its now the afternoon. I haven’t thought of anything to do yet. I did manage to kill an hour by hand-delivering an invoice that could have been sent by internal post.

I am also feeling very sleepy and would like to spend the afternoon curled up in an armchair. However, I need to wake up as am going straight from work to my old place of work where I start as an outreach volunteer one night a week. I am very excited about returning and (hopefully) seeing the other volunteers and some of my old clients. Its the late night that will kill me off though.

So, to enlighten you (and I know Jack is curious), my previous employer is a charity who work with women involved in street prostitution. Outreach consists of walking the streets of East London with coffee, biscuits and condoms and talking to some of the women who are out working. It is always a priviledge to meet them and share in their lives. It is also emotionally and physically tiring and results in a very late night. I almost get jealous now when I hear that my old colleagues were out from 3-7am yesterday morning. Its a great time to be out and about! Tonight shouldn’t be that late though. I should be home by 12am.

But then theres the small matter of getting up for work tmrw. Especially when it prmoises a similar level of excitement as today.


Today I am bored. I cant think of anything to do. I am at work and I know there is work to be done but I can’t think of any of it right now. I can’t even think of anything non-work related to do (now that I’ve checked my email, facebook, and any new wiblog entries).

This is where you come in. I will offer a prize to anyone who can suggest an exciting and interesting activity that can be done sat at my desk whilst appearing to be working hard.

Its not looking hopeful is it?