Boredom continued…

Its now the afternoon. I haven’t thought of anything to do yet. I did manage to kill an hour by hand-delivering an invoice that could have been sent by internal post.

I am also feeling very sleepy and would like to spend the afternoon curled up in an armchair. However, I need to wake up as am going straight from work to my old place of work where I start as an outreach volunteer one night a week. I am very excited about returning and (hopefully) seeing the other volunteers and some of my old clients. Its the late night that will kill me off though.

So, to enlighten you (and I know Jack is curious), my previous employer is a charity who work with women involved in street prostitution. Outreach consists of walking the streets of East London with coffee, biscuits and condoms and talking to some of the women who are out working. It is always a priviledge to meet them and share in their lives. It is also emotionally and physically tiring and results in a very late night. I almost get jealous now when I hear that my old colleagues were out from 3-7am yesterday morning. Its a great time to be out and about! Tonight shouldn’t be that late though. I should be home by 12am.

But then theres the small matter of getting up for work tmrw. Especially when it prmoises a similar level of excitement as today.