Whoop Whoop!

Enough of the apathy. I am very excited that about having a new job to go to in Brum. It looks like it will be a great job, working with a friendly bunch of people, with a reasonable salary, a free lunch every day and school holidays off! What more could you ask for.

Having got over the initial reactions of a) disbelief and b) panic about having to move, I am now (a little belatedly) thrilled.

Life is good. Its so easy for me to forget that so let me say it again: Life is good.
Please remind me of this fact when I next write a whingy, self-pitying post. Thank you. 🙂

One thought on “Whoop Whoop!

  1. New job? Sounds scarily as though you’re going to be working in a school. Are you mad? I wish you luck up in the frozen North :0)

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