The North, the South and the bit in the middle

I am a Westcountry girl who has lived in London for the past 11 years. In the map of the UK which lives in my head Devon is South, London is in the Middle and everywhere else is North.

Apparently I’m wrong.

On a recent visit to Birmingham I got excited about the fact that since we would be living in the frozen North, it would probably snow at Christmas. Mr Wibbles laughed at me and told me that I shouldn’t make comments like that to people who are from Birmingham. According to him, Birmingham is in the middle of the country, which is where the name Midlands comes from. I subsequently checked a map and was shocked to discover that the Midlands were actually in the middle and not up by Scotland as previously suspected.

However, I appear to be right about the snow.

2 thoughts on “The North, the South and the bit in the middle

  1. I am from the Midlands too (but not from Brum – I’m from the East Midlands). It’s definitely not north. Though they do talk funny in Brum so you could perhaps be forgiven for thinking you’re further north than you realise.

  2. Another Midlander signing in… and it’s definitely norther than where I am right now, though not as north as Jack.. sort of midway…. ;o)

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