A series of cat-related events

On Wednesday I came home to find a sore (accompanied by a bald patch) on the cats neck. Given that he doesn’t go out I wondered if he’d got into the cleaning cupboard and got bleach on him so whisked him off to the vet. Apparently he had a ‘hot spot’ (more common in dogs) which he had scratched until he bled and which had then got infected. The vet sent him home with some antibiotics and a small bottle of pink disinfectant which needed diluting and dabbing on the wound twice a day.

My cat, lets call him kitty, is special in many ways. One of his more bizarre habits is that he loves taking tablets. So, I crushed the tablets, sprinkled them on his food and he proceeded to lick the crushed pink pill off his food before eating the rest of his dinner. I then diluted the pink stuff to a pale pink colour (as instructed), put it into an old water bottle, disinfected the cat and left the bottle with the pills in the kitchen.

On arriving home from work, Mr Wibbles saw a bottle of pink liquid and thought, ‘Ooh, Ribena. That would be nice to drink’. I’m sure I dont need to explain what happened next except that I laughed an awful lot and he spent the evening looking sheepish.

I was, however, punished later for laughing at his misfortune. One of the ways that kitty is special is that he doens’t like to sleep at night, he likes to walk all over you and lick your eyelids. He also refuses to go outside. So, in order to get any sleep we have to shut him in the bathroom at night. So last night, as usual, we were playing Hunt the Kitty (he has learnt to run and hide under the bed as soon as he senses us getting ready for bed). I found him, dragged him out from under the bed and carried him to the bathroom. As I put him down, he flailed wildly and got his claw stuck in the skin of my thigh. He then dangled from my thigh as desperate attempts were made to remove him. I now have a nasty wound on my thigh and feel chastised for laughing at the poor man who didnt know any better.

One day, if I can ever figure out how to do it, I will share with you a picture of special kitty. In the meantime, he is small, black, full of beans and has a small amount of siamese blood in him (enough that he is shouty and needy but not enough that he is worth a fortune).

One thought on “A series of cat-related events

  1. A good first step for sharing pictures with us is to get a flickr account (flickr dot com). It’s not hard to put pics on the interweb using this sort of website (you can even download an uploader program which makes it easier still!)

    Once you’ve done that, and put a few pictures on, you can say "oy wibsite! Tell me what to type!" and someone will assist you with code. For example I could do that. Being helpful and all.

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