Can’tmake it work

I just tried to put a link in my post below using Unordered carroty method especially for Lost in Translation but it didnt work. Can anybody help me do something more than type my blog (eg links, pictures etc).

I want to do exciting things on it but I just can’t make it work 🙁

2 thoughts on “Can’tmake it work

  1. Sorry, buggered up my comment twice with carrots.

    To make a photo show up, right click on the photo on whatever website it’s on and select "copy link location" – this will be the link you use.

    The code for showing the pic will be:

    (left carrot)img src="(paste link here)"(right carrot)(left carrot)/img(right carrot)

    Hopefully this time will be successful…

    And if you have problems, email me at wibsite dot com and I will attempt to assist further 🙂

  2. If you use flickr for your photos then they provide the code for you – instructions in Wiblog FAQs. And turn your Autolinks Off (in Wiblog Admin menu).

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