Monthly Archives: December 2007

I am a clever – look at all the Christmas pressies I have made…

Bath bombs

Left to right – Craberry & Raspberry Vodka, Plum Chutney, Apricots in Vanilla Syrup, and remnant of cranberries and raspberries that were soaking in the vodka (now made into fudge!)

Pretty purple scarf and cable-knit scarf (my first attemt at cabling)

All I have left to do is finish a hat and do 2/3s of a scarf. Am going away to the inlaws tomorrow, donating white blood cells on Monday (Apheresis if you’re interested) and then its Christmas. Woohoo!!

Wiblog entry for 20/12/2007

I’m so tired and stressed I want to cry. There is too much to do before Christmas. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to do some catch up sleeping. Leaving work now and going for an afternoon nap would make life much more bearable but not sure if I can wangle it. Only one day and 2 hours to go though!

The Drawer of Snackage

My boss has a special drawer in his desk. It overflows with packets of crisps and chocolate biscuits. His wife sends him off to work everyday with a packed lunch including said items and a sandwich. He has repeatedly told her that he doesn’t reallylike crisps or biscuits, but in a good wifely way she keeps feeding him up.

One day, soon after I started working here he uttered the fateful words ‘help yourself if ever you want a snack’.


Sleepiness, stress, and the knitting challenge

Sleepy because my neighbouring thought that making loud hammering-like noises in the concrete stairwell adn 5.30am this morning was acceptable.

Stressed because I start my new job in a new city in just 3 weeks time and I havent even started making lists, let alone ticking things off. Also because we’re waiting to hear from someone who has viewed our flat 3 times, loves it and is ‘doing their sums’ before getting back to us. I am feeling very nervous and anxious.

The challenge will be to knit all the Christmas pressie I’d planned to give in just one week and one day.
Projects remaining (and not limited to knitting) include:
~ remaining 1/4 of mother-in-laws scarf,
~ remaining 3/4 of mothers scarf (I had already knit her one and then she bought a new coat and said to me at the weekend ‘I need a red scarf to go with this coat. Will you knit me one please’ So I thought ‘OK, that would be nice for her’, went out, bought red wool and have been knitting furiously ever since.
~ hat for big bro (first attempt was too small)
~ hat for little sis (first attempt was too big)
~ bath bombs for various extended family
~ straining and bottling of raspberry & cranberry vodka
~ labelling of various chutneys and preserves

Also, I have to work all week, attend various Christmas parties/activities and have dinner with various friends who have just realised that we will be leaving London in just 3 weeks. Ever feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?

The Surprise Visitor

Well, the surprise is over. Apologies for not letting you in sooner but I have been away all weekend entertaining the said Visitor (and doing my Christmas shopping).

After a dramatic build up, I hope you’re not too disappointed when I tell you it wasn’t the Queen or anyone else famous or well known. But here is the story…

My brother moved to Kenya in the summer. We weren’t expecting to see him until next summer, but he got lonely (apparently everyone else is going home for Christmas) and booked a flight home (thanks to persuation and money from some friends of his). We (myself, my brother and my two sisters) decided that we should keep this a secret from our parents and surprise them. We have all amazed ourselves with our lying skills over the past month!

My sister and her boyfriend and myself and Mr WF were planning to stay at my parents at the weekend anyway. We persuaded the other sister to come too but also didnt tell my parents. So, big bro arrived on Tues last week and laid low at a friends house. Sis + boyf + other sis drove to parents from The North. When they arrived there was much squealing and excitement. Next, big bro and I drove up from London (Mr WF to follow the next day), parked around the corner and I went in. I told parents that we had all clubbed together and got them a pressie. We put them in the kitchen with eyes closed and hands out and went to get big bro.

Needless to say there was further squealing and excitement, although the mothership did manage not to cry.

We had a lovely weekend all together. Its not often that we manage a gathering with all of us there and Mr WF and I are going to his parents for Christmas, so it was great to spend some time with my family.

Unfortunately big bro is suffering a bit with coming back to a cold country that is obsessively materialistic at Christmas time. I hope he still enjoys himself though.

Bath bombs

Last night I learnt how to make bath bombs. It was very exciting. I came home with several coconut & oatmeal bath bombs that cost a small fraction of what you would pay in the shops. I have sent off my order for some ingredients and next saturday should be a frenzy of christmassy bath bomb making (and now I’ve figured out how to post pictures – watch this space).

In other exciting news, the grand unveiling of The Visitor is tonight. I leave work in 45mins to get a train to a secret location where I will be picked up in a chauffeur driven car and taken to the rendezvous with the other parties involved before unveiling The Surprise Visitor to the unsuspecting public. I was so excited that I woke up early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Its almost as exciting as Christmas day!

So near yet still so far

Two potential offers on our flat have fallen through this afternoon. One, because the buyer who initially offered a very low price which we had just about decided to accept has just come back to us with a lower offer (£30,000 below the asking price!). The second was becasue we discovered that our lease states that no dogs are allowed in the flats and the potential buyer has two little dogs.

Needless to say, I am more than a little disheartened. I had previously resigned myself to the fact that there would be no movement until the new year but then I went and got my hopes up. Sigh.

However, there is the exciting unveiling of the Surprise Visitor tomorrow to keep my spirits up.