Bath bombs

Last night I learnt how to make bath bombs. It was very exciting. I came home with several coconut & oatmeal bath bombs that cost a small fraction of what you would pay in the shops. I have sent off my order for some ingredients and next saturday should be a frenzy of christmassy bath bomb making (and now I’ve figured out how to post pictures – watch this space).

In other exciting news, the grand unveiling of The Visitor is tonight. I leave work in 45mins to get a train to a secret location where I will be picked up in a chauffeur driven car and taken to the rendezvous with the other parties involved before unveiling The Surprise Visitor to the unsuspecting public. I was so excited that I woke up early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Its almost as exciting as Christmas day!

3 thoughts on “Bath bombs

  1. I am also on the edge trying to maintain my sanity…the build-up is immense…and the silly thing is: I won’t have a clue who this person is even after their identity has been revealed (unless it’s the Queen or someone equally well known…and who is as equally well known as the Queen?)

  2. As am I…do the bath bombs have something to do with the visitor, or were they something to wile away the time until "THE VISITOR" arrives?

  3. Another thought – given that 2007 has been the year of the kitten on the wibsite, is your Visitor 4-legged and cute?

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