Sleepiness, stress, and the knitting challenge

Sleepy because my neighbouring thought that making loud hammering-like noises in the concrete stairwell adn 5.30am this morning was acceptable.

Stressed because I start my new job in a new city in just 3 weeks time and I havent even started making lists, let alone ticking things off. Also because we’re waiting to hear from someone who has viewed our flat 3 times, loves it and is ‘doing their sums’ before getting back to us. I am feeling very nervous and anxious.

The challenge will be to knit all the Christmas pressie I’d planned to give in just one week and one day.
Projects remaining (and not limited to knitting) include:
~ remaining 1/4 of mother-in-laws scarf,
~ remaining 3/4 of mothers scarf (I had already knit her one and then she bought a new coat and said to me at the weekend ‘I need a red scarf to go with this coat. Will you knit me one please’ So I thought ‘OK, that would be nice for her’, went out, bought red wool and have been knitting furiously ever since.
~ hat for big bro (first attempt was too small)
~ hat for little sis (first attempt was too big)
~ bath bombs for various extended family
~ straining and bottling of raspberry & cranberry vodka
~ labelling of various chutneys and preserves

Also, I have to work all week, attend various Christmas parties/activities and have dinner with various friends who have just realised that we will be leaving London in just 3 weeks. Ever feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?

One thought on “Sleepiness, stress, and the knitting challenge

  1. Yes, but looking at your list I see I am but an amateur. 🙂 🙂

    Lots of prayers ascending from Down Under.

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