The Surprise Visitor

Well, the surprise is over. Apologies for not letting you in sooner but I have been away all weekend entertaining the said Visitor (and doing my Christmas shopping).

After a dramatic build up, I hope you’re not too disappointed when I tell you it wasn’t the Queen or anyone else famous or well known. But here is the story…

My brother moved to Kenya in the summer. We weren’t expecting to see him until next summer, but he got lonely (apparently everyone else is going home for Christmas) and booked a flight home (thanks to persuation and money from some friends of his). We (myself, my brother and my two sisters) decided that we should keep this a secret from our parents and surprise them. We have all amazed ourselves with our lying skills over the past month!

My sister and her boyfriend and myself and Mr WF were planning to stay at my parents at the weekend anyway. We persuaded the other sister to come too but also didnt tell my parents. So, big bro arrived on Tues last week and laid low at a friends house. Sis + boyf + other sis drove to parents from The North. When they arrived there was much squealing and excitement. Next, big bro and I drove up from London (Mr WF to follow the next day), parked around the corner and I went in. I told parents that we had all clubbed together and got them a pressie. We put them in the kitchen with eyes closed and hands out and went to get big bro.

Needless to say there was further squealing and excitement, although the mothership did manage not to cry.

We had a lovely weekend all together. Its not often that we manage a gathering with all of us there and Mr WF and I are going to his parents for Christmas, so it was great to spend some time with my family.

Unfortunately big bro is suffering a bit with coming back to a cold country that is obsessively materialistic at Christmas time. I hope he still enjoys himself though.

2 thoughts on “The Surprise Visitor

  1. Oh how fantastic – I’m very impressed your mum didn’t cry, if it had been me I would have howled!

  2. I agree with JtL. The tear ducts are a little full just reading about it. Not the Queen – but frankly – things might have been a bit starchy … much better to have a cosy family gathering. Well done for managing to keep up the porkies…

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