Wiblog entry for 20/12/2007

I’m so tired and stressed I want to cry. There is too much to do before Christmas. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to do some catch up sleeping. Leaving work now and going for an afternoon nap would make life much more bearable but not sure if I can wangle it. Only one day and 2 hours to go though!

2 thoughts on “Wiblog entry for 20/12/2007

  1. I understand, dear ‘fish. Somehow, making presents rather than buying can end up being more stressful than the elbow fights in the stores. It does not help when the lurgy renders one energy-less when one had planned to do some of said creativity. I suppose I could offset this against the dubious benefit of time off work due to illness.

    As I said, I understand!

    Hugs and prayers, sweetie, we’ll get through this somehow!

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