Monthly Archives: December 2007


So many things are going on that I can’t seem to find the time to write witty blog entries about them all so here is a less interesting but more comprehensive update:

* I have signed a contract for my new job which will start on 7th Jan (CRB clearance pending)
* Still have had no offer other than a silly low one (which we are now considering accepting) on the flat
* The house that we love has had no offer made on it and is still open to offers (possibly even silly low offers?)
* Some kindly person has offered us their Spare Room to live in indefinitely while we try to sell our flat. SHe is now officially my favourite person in Brum
* Mr WF has an interview for a promotion today which is very exciting/nervewracking/stressful
* I am very very very excitied about Christmas, and especially about the secret visitor who arrives next week

Prayer for any of the points above (except for the Christmas one as I might burst if I got anymore excited)would be gratefully received.

I’ll let you know how they all go but this is how I would like the week to proceed: Mr WF gets job, we celebrate, we accept reasonable offer on flat, we celebrate, we make low offer on house, it is accepted, we celebrate.