Monthly Archives: January 2008

Estate agents, solicitors and the post office

I wont bore you all with the details, but as I’m sure many of you know, buying/selling a house is a nightmare.

Do you ever find that all the rage dissipates when someone does something selfless and lovely for you? I was just about to launch into atirade against the above when we got a phone call from the girlfriend of the son of the people who are letting us stay with them at the moment. We have only met her once before, yet she is prepared to drive to her office to pick up her certifying stamp, drive over to us tonight and certify our ID documents so that we can send them to our solicitor who can then proceed with the sale of our flat.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the people here who are letting us stay with them, doing us massive favours, listening to us rant when its all too much and welcoming us into our new church and jobs. Thank you to you all.

The other thing I was going to say is that I’m lonely 🙁
I feel a bit isolated and am so terribly bored every evening. I end up going to bed ridiculously early because I cant think of anything else to do. And while lots of sleeping is good for a while, sometimes it gets a bit tedious to be in every night without fun things to do.

But, just so I don’t end on a negative note, I started piano lessons this evening which I am SO SO excited about. I need to track down a piano to practice on for now and then to buy once we have our house.

Good News At Last

It may well be the most depressing day of the year, but I am not succumbing as there is Good News At Last.

We have accepted an offer on our flat and have made an offer on the house that we want. I am trying to be cautiously optimistic about things working out but am obviously failing entirely and am very excited.

Please pray that things go smoothly and that we can quickly move into our new home.


Tea with the Vicar

Last night we went for tea with the Vicar and his wife. The Vicar is a lovely genuine man who is (as mentioned before) absolutely mad. We had a lovely dinner but before we were allowed to go and sit in the lounge we had to go and view his Vicars. He took us into his study and showed us shelves of minature vicars of all shapes sizes and breeds. There was a smurf monk, a troll priest, several animal vicars and Revered Timms (of Postman Pat fame). Before we could sit down we had to point out which vicar we thought most reflected our personality. Mr WF chose the smurf monk and I chose one that turned out the be the most expensive in the collection!

At this point in the evening Reverend Ray told us tha some people called him the Psycho Vicar. Should we be worried?

A snowstorm, a new home and a mad vicar

We moved on Friday night to stay with some people from church for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately there was a freak snowstorm, and a bus had broken down outside the house. We parked way up the road and had to lug all of our belongings through the blizzard on icy pavements to the house. We then trudged muddy snow through the house of the lovely people who are letting us stay with them.

We went to church on Sunday. They are all mad. Especially the legendary Reverend Ray. Mad in a good way, but thoroughly, totally mad. It should be fun!

Tired & Emotional

is how I feel.

Its hard work pretending to be strict and confident when you’re a little overwhelmed and nervous. I confiscated my first mobile phone today though which is a start!

I’m making sure that I don’t even think about the fact that I’ve moved away from London. Just dealing with one day at a time!

How to make an impression on your first day in a new job

First, set the sat nav to take you from point A (Mr WF’s bosses houses, unknown address) to point B (your new location of work). Ask it to avoid the big meanie very congested roundabout. Leave extra time just in case you get lost (having only moved to the city less than 12 hours beforehand). Fail to notice when the sat nav takes you on a stupid route until you get on the motorway when it is too late. Sit in solid traffic via two motorways on the longest route possible and arrive at new job late missing the weekly briefing where you were introduced. Be forever known as the ditsy blond who can’t use her sat nav.

Apart from that it all went well.

Cheesy cheesecake

Midway through the party last night I decided to order a dessert. I chose the white chocolate and caramel cheescake. Mmmm. It came with a generous helping of cream and a sprinkling of grated white chocolate.

I took a bite. It tasted very cheesy. My initial thought was that they had grated parmesan on the top by mistake instead of white chocolate. I took another bite which tasted a bit better. I took a third bite with a bit of cream and was overwhelmed by cheesy badness (as opposed to the cheesy goodness you would find in a brie baguette or cheese on toast). The cream was, in fact, so off that it was cheese. I was very disappointed. I didn’t get a replacement as I didn’t really fancy cheescake anymore.

Sinking in

It has started to sink in that I am moving tomorrow. Overwhelming emotions have led to hiding and distraction techniques this weeks. Thursday I spent hiding under the duvet (perfectly happy but not able to face the world). Friday I spent cuddly a two week old baby (fantastic therapy) and then shopping (not such good therapy).

By the time it got to Friday evening I didn’t want to go to my own leaving party. Unfortunately Mr WF felt the same way. We tricked ourselves into going by heading to the pub early for a very delicious dinner and then had a wonderful evening as friends and family (some of whom we hadn’t seen for a long time) gathered to wish us well.

Today is probably going to be so busy that I wont be able to think about it. I have finally reached the bottom of the laundry basket after a week of non-stop laundry but still have huge amounts of tidying, cleaning and sorting to do before I even think about packing. Oh, and in the midst of it all we have a viewing on the flat this afternoon!

I think tomorrow will be tough as we will be saying our last goodbyes to our wonderful, supportive, hilarious housegroup. Its the end of a long era. But the start of something new and exciting…