Cheesy cheesecake

Midway through the party last night I decided to order a dessert. I chose the white chocolate and caramel cheescake. Mmmm. It came with a generous helping of cream and a sprinkling of grated white chocolate.

I took a bite. It tasted very cheesy. My initial thought was that they had grated parmesan on the top by mistake instead of white chocolate. I took another bite which tasted a bit better. I took a third bite with a bit of cream and was overwhelmed by cheesy badness (as opposed to the cheesy goodness you would find in a brie baguette or cheese on toast). The cream was, in fact, so off that it was cheese. I was very disappointed. I didn’t get a replacement as I didn’t really fancy cheescake anymore.

One thought on “Cheesy cheesecake

  1. i hope, as time passes and you’re able to get the taste of cheesecake out of your mouth… a new cheesecake will emerge and capture your taste buds once again.

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