Sinking in

It has started to sink in that I am moving tomorrow. Overwhelming emotions have led to hiding and distraction techniques this weeks. Thursday I spent hiding under the duvet (perfectly happy but not able to face the world). Friday I spent cuddly a two week old baby (fantastic therapy) and then shopping (not such good therapy).

By the time it got to Friday evening I didn’t want to go to my own leaving party. Unfortunately Mr WF felt the same way. We tricked ourselves into going by heading to the pub early for a very delicious dinner and then had a wonderful evening as friends and family (some of whom we hadn’t seen for a long time) gathered to wish us well.

Today is probably going to be so busy that I wont be able to think about it. I have finally reached the bottom of the laundry basket after a week of non-stop laundry but still have huge amounts of tidying, cleaning and sorting to do before I even think about packing. Oh, and in the midst of it all we have a viewing on the flat this afternoon!

I think tomorrow will be tough as we will be saying our last goodbyes to our wonderful, supportive, hilarious housegroup. Its the end of a long era. But the start of something new and exciting…

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