Tea with the Vicar

Last night we went for tea with the Vicar and his wife. The Vicar is a lovely genuine man who is (as mentioned before) absolutely mad. We had a lovely dinner but before we were allowed to go and sit in the lounge we had to go and view his Vicars. He took us into his study and showed us shelves of minature vicars of all shapes sizes and breeds. There was a smurf monk, a troll priest, several animal vicars and Revered Timms (of Postman Pat fame). Before we could sit down we had to point out which vicar we thought most reflected our personality. Mr WF chose the smurf monk and I chose one that turned out the be the most expensive in the collection!

At this point in the evening Reverend Ray told us tha some people called him the Psycho Vicar. Should we be worried?

One thought on “Tea with the Vicar

  1. I spend the majority of my time with trainee vicars. If you want to stand out as the eccentric one you really need to make quite a lot of effort.

    It sounds like Ray has been successful in this endeavour.

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