Monthly Archives: January 2008

A new year and a new adventure

Now that Christmas is over and I have managed to drag myself up off the sofa to the computer, I thought I would post a little update on the exciting things going on in the world of wibblyfish.

Tomorrow is our leaving party, Saturday is for packing, Sunday is for church, housegroup lunch and then loading the car with suitcases and heading up to Birmingham, Monday is for starting my new job.

The first week in Brum, Mr WF is away with work and I will be housesitting for his boss. Fortunately my little sister is coming to join me so I wont be a complete loner. Then we stay with a couple from the church (who we have never met) for a few weeks until the Spare Room at the lovely JK’s house is ready. We move in there until we can sell our flat and buy somewhere in Brum.

It feels exhausting just writing that but we are very much looking on it as an adventure. It certainly doesn’t feel like we’re moving properly as we are only taking a suitcase each (actually, I am taking two).

I’m not sure over the next few weeks wat internet access I will have but I will try to make an occassional post about how things go. Watch this space…