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Just thought I ought to warn you all that most posts for the next few weeks are going to go along the lines of ‘we’re nearly moving/have nearly got a date/have postponed date for some measly bit of paperwork/need to find removal company/need to find electrician/I’m so stressed/so near yet so far/I want my own house and am fed up of living with other people.’

Apologies now if it gets a little tedious and monotonous. As it stands, we’re waiting for our mortgage offer letter which should arrive early next week (pleeeeease God let it arrive then). Then it should be 10 working days until completion and moving date. So we could be looking at the week before Easter, which would be perfect.

But everyone keeps saying ‘don’t get your hopes up’ etc, which I know is true but makes me want to sob and hit them because I need something to cling on to.

I have had enough. But it will be over soon and I will have the biggest ever housewarming party (to which you are all invited to compensate for the ear- (or should I say eye-) bashing that you’re going to get over the next few weeks from me.

Sorry for whingyness – hopefully, very soon, it will turn to excitement.

I blame everyone else for this:

Not sure what it says about me but I certainly am a morning person (much to the annoyance of Mr WF who has to cope with me talking at him and being full of beans when he has just woken up).

I also made a cake tonight which helped with the wobbling (although it may make by belly wobble a bit after I’ve eaten it).

Having a wobble

Today I am wobbling. I have maanaged to get through the past 6 weeks of new job, new city, selling flat, buying house, camping out in a selection of spare rooms quite well. Unfortunatley the last straw came today and now I am wobblyer than a plate of red jelly.

Fortunately my colleagues have been kind and understanding and I am now hiding out in someone elses office so that I dont have to deal with any of the troublesome kids that normally get sent my way.

I know that it will all be alright. I know that in a couple of months we will have forgotten about all the strains of buying/selling and living in someone elses house. I know that we will get through it. Its just that today I can’t cope. Today its all too much and I want to weep and let it all out.

Parents for the weekend

This weekend Mr WF and I are giving parenthood a go. We are looking after the 3 children (aged 7, 11 &13) of our old housegroup leaders in London so that they can go away for a romantic weekend (for the first time since they’ve had kids!).

I managed to persuade the 7 yr old boy to eat his dinner by telling him jokes from the Animal Joke Book throughout. It was as painful as it sounds. I wont even stoop so low as to give you an example.

Tomorrow, whilst Mr WF is doing football-related activities with the boy. The girls and I are going to make sock animals. I’ll post some pictures next week so you can see what we made.

Time to go and do bedtimes now. Hopefully it will be a quiet night!

Wiblog entry for 12/02/2008

I am a little less stressed today but still failing to sleep in. My brain just won’t switch off. And there is still much to be done to chase up solicitors, surveyors, financial advisers etc..

Going to Cambridge today to see my parents for a bit of tlc and extended family for a bit of mayhem. Also planning a visit to John Lewis to aid in my quest to learn to knit socks this half term.

I need a book: Lovely Socks, some sock yarn, 5 DPNs (double pointed needles) and a stitch holder. I’ll post a photo if I manage to knit one. Guess what everyone will be getting for Christmas this year!


Feeling a little bit stressed at the mo. Last night was the first night in the whole moving/buting/selling process that I failed to sleep because I was feeling anxious and worrysome.

Also, this week is half term which means that I’m not running round all day and collapsing in a small tired heap in the evening and might have far too long to brood on the fact that we’ve moved and all that.

Also am heading back to London at the weekend which I am dreading. It will be wonderful to catch up with friends (especially those who are heading off to Mexico) but I think I will end up feeling very dislocated.

Pancakes and Reminiscing

I went to a pancake party htis week and ate many wonderful pancakes with some friends from our new church.

We started discussing our favourite childhood programmes and sunk into reminiscing about them. It’s great to be able to to reminisce with people you have only known for a month!

Anyway, it was taken one step further and we ended up watching lots of these shows on YouTube. I know this is probably going to give my age away but here is what we watched:
Through the Dragons Eye
Geordie Racer
Roland the Rat (who incidentally sounds just like our vicar, the legendary Reverend Ray!)