Parents for the weekend

This weekend Mr WF and I are giving parenthood a go. We are looking after the 3 children (aged 7, 11 &13) of our old housegroup leaders in London so that they can go away for a romantic weekend (for the first time since they’ve had kids!).

I managed to persuade the 7 yr old boy to eat his dinner by telling him jokes from the Animal Joke Book throughout. It was as painful as it sounds. I wont even stoop so low as to give you an example.

Tomorrow, whilst Mr WF is doing football-related activities with the boy. The girls and I are going to make sock animals. I’ll post some pictures next week so you can see what we made.

Time to go and do bedtimes now. Hopefully it will be a quiet night!

One thought on “Parents for the weekend

  1. Would those be sock animals courtesy of the amazing craft blog by any chance?? Can’t wait to see how they turn out. Incidentally, was reading it yesterday and there’s a recipe to make your own lip balm on there too! C

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