Just thought I ought to warn you all that most posts for the next few weeks are going to go along the lines of ‘we’re nearly moving/have nearly got a date/have postponed date for some measly bit of paperwork/need to find removal company/need to find electrician/I’m so stressed/so near yet so far/I want my own house and am fed up of living with other people.’

Apologies now if it gets a little tedious and monotonous. As it stands, we’re waiting for our mortgage offer letter which should arrive early next week (pleeeeease God let it arrive then). Then it should be 10 working days until completion and moving date. So we could be looking at the week before Easter, which would be perfect.

But everyone keeps saying ‘don’t get your hopes up’ etc, which I know is true but makes me want to sob and hit them because I need something to cling on to.

I have had enough. But it will be over soon and I will have the biggest ever housewarming party (to which you are all invited to compensate for the ear- (or should I say eye-) bashing that you’re going to get over the next few weeks from me.

Sorry for whingyness – hopefully, very soon, it will turn to excitement.

One thought on “Warning

  1. Our flat sale is currently being held up by the wrong name on some gas fireplace documentation – crazy isn’t it! Hope and pray it all goes through before Easter. Love us x

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