Monthly Archives: March 2008

A sad day today

This afternoon we are going to London to assess the damage to our flat and to pack up and move our belongings into storage. Its a sad day. Not coping with it all today.

In addition to the events that I blogged about last week, I had a small accident in the car which is going to cost a few hundred pounds to fix and our buyers solicitor still wont speak to ours so we may or may not exchange tomorrow.

Sometimes I wonder when it will all end. But it does seem trivial compared to what so many people go through. We are both safe and healthy, we have enough money to live on and a roof over our heads and we have an amazing new house to look forward to. I keep having to remind myself of these things.

In the words of a delirious? song that has kept me going for the last few months,
‘Everything little thing’s gonna be alright, every little thing is gonna be ok’


Found on Wednesday that the people who had tried to break into our flat were not deterred by someone staying there. They broke in while he was out by smashing the glass in the front door. They rifled through our stuff but we dont have much of any value. They did, however, steal our firends laptop.

I must have spent hours on the phone trying to sort it all out from afar (I was in Cambridge visiting my Granny, Mr WF was in Brum). We were amazed by how supportive people were. We are now going to pack up all our belongings and move them into storgae in Bru, on Mon/Tues next week, thanks to the removal company who rearranged their schedule to fit us in, the Bank of Granny for paying the costs until the sale of our flat goes through and we can pay her back, and to the lovely people from church in Brum who investigated the storage options here and arrange it all for us.

Still reeling from it all but we’re still hoping to be in our new house next week and none of it will really matter then. Once again we feel so blessed by the amazing friends and family that we have who suppot us, uphold us, and pray for us.

Easter Monday

This week it is our wedding anniversary and as we had hoped we would be moving this week we arranged to celebrate it at the weekend. On Sunday night we went to stay in a lovely B&B in Warwick.

Those that know me well will know that I am a bit of a tea freak. I have to say that what made it the best place I have ever stayed in is that along with the normal tea making facilities in the room, there was also a fridge on the landing where you could get fresh milk for you tea. Glorious!

We then set off to explore Warwick. We had planned to go to the castle but it was nearly £20 a head!!!! So we thought we would mooch around Warwick. But everything was closed. So we hopped in the car and drove to Stratford-upon-Avon. But there we encountered heavy sleet/snow and soon gave up. So then we headed to a National Trust property to use the membership we had been given. But there was a 2 hour wait to get into the house. At this point we gave up and went home. Via a pub with an open fire that provided hot food and beer. Not such a bad day after all!

Easter, the inlaws and the special kitty

Spent the Easter weekend with the inlaws in snowy Croydon. It was a joy to be reunited with the special kitty who has been living there since we have been migrant wanderers in Birmingham. Hopefully he can come and live with us soon.

Since I have been trying to lose weight (or just trying to to put too much weight on!), Mr WF bought me a non-chocolate related Easter present. It was also a non-Easter related gift but thats beside the point. I was very excited. It was Cool Runnings on DVD – one of my favouritist films ever. I am now happy and not too overindulged on chocolate.

Wiblog entry for 27/03/2008

There has been a lack of bloggage of late due to a variety of circumstances. I will now let you know what has been going on for the last few days in a series of separate posts in the hope that you wont die of tedium from reading one long rambling post. Here we go…

Nearly there

We may or may not move into our new house next week. I should find out tomorrow if we can exchange this week and therefore complete next week (apparently there has been a problem because the plan of our flat was in the wrong colour).

In other news, I have been doing lots of shopping in preparation for the forthcoming move, my whole family has gone to visit my brother in Kenya for a 3 week beach/safari holiday and term ends in two days. I am happy about two of these things and slightly miffed about the other.

Living arrangements

I’ve had just about all I can take of living in the same house with a 17 year old boy. He rules the roost (obviously!) as he is the only child still living at home.

When he is home, the lounge is virtually out of bounds as he is playing on his PS2 whilst simultaneously watching at least 2 TV programmes. He screams and shouts at Pro Evo Soccer as if it were a real football game.

I seem to spend my time in my bedroom or trying to be out. Saturdays should be for chilling at home, not trying to find somewhere else to be.

On a brighter note, the wool arrived today for my knitted tea cosy. I am very excited and have started it already. I also have finished 1 sock from pair A, 95% of 1 sock from pair B, 75% of a tank top and 65% of a scarf. I possibly have issues finishing something before moving on to the next thing!

Update on the house front

This is going to be an entirely non-whingey house-related post.

We’re nearly there. Should be able to exchange next week and get the keys and move in during the Easter holidays.

Feeling an awful lot more positive now that we’ve decided not to rewire straight away but to move in and enjoy our house for a little while first. Excitement is building. We have ordered a sofa & armchair, I am hunting for a lovely bed for our guest room and I have my eye on a beautiful throw for our old sofa.

Can’t wait now (but in more of an excited than stressed way).