Living arrangements

I’ve had just about all I can take of living in the same house with a 17 year old boy. He rules the roost (obviously!) as he is the only child still living at home.

When he is home, the lounge is virtually out of bounds as he is playing on his PS2 whilst simultaneously watching at least 2 TV programmes. He screams and shouts at Pro Evo Soccer as if it were a real football game.

I seem to spend my time in my bedroom or trying to be out. Saturdays should be for chilling at home, not trying to find somewhere else to be.

On a brighter note, the wool arrived today for my knitted tea cosy. I am very excited and have started it already. I also have finished 1 sock from pair A, 95% of 1 sock from pair B, 75% of a tank top and 65% of a scarf. I possibly have issues finishing something before moving on to the next thing!

One thought on “Living arrangements

  1. Nothing like having plenty of projects on the go at once. Are there any pictures of the masterpieces in progress?

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