Nearly there

We may or may not move into our new house next week. I should find out tomorrow if we can exchange this week and therefore complete next week (apparently there has been a problem because the plan of our flat was in the wrong colour).

In other news, I have been doing lots of shopping in preparation for the forthcoming move, my whole family has gone to visit my brother in Kenya for a 3 week beach/safari holiday and term ends in two days. I am happy about two of these things and slightly miffed about the other.

One thought on “Nearly there

  1. Wrong colour? It reminds me of my London house move, which was delayed because the plans suggested that I owned all of the garden, when in fact there was a 3foot triangle that was owned by British Rail. When my solicitors pointed this out to the housing assoc’s solicitors (this was a shared ownership thing) they told my solicitors to tippex it out and redraw it! To which my solicitors had to point out to them (swanky expensive West End law firm) that tippexing on a legal document probably isn’t very sensible.

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