Found on Wednesday that the people who had tried to break into our flat were not deterred by someone staying there. They broke in while he was out by smashing the glass in the front door. They rifled through our stuff but we dont have much of any value. They did, however, steal our firends laptop.

I must have spent hours on the phone trying to sort it all out from afar (I was in Cambridge visiting my Granny, Mr WF was in Brum). We were amazed by how supportive people were. We are now going to pack up all our belongings and move them into storgae in Bru, on Mon/Tues next week, thanks to the removal company who rearranged their schedule to fit us in, the Bank of Granny for paying the costs until the sale of our flat goes through and we can pay her back, and to the lovely people from church in Brum who investigated the storage options here and arrange it all for us.

Still reeling from it all but we’re still hoping to be in our new house next week and none of it will really matter then. Once again we feel so blessed by the amazing friends and family that we have who suppot us, uphold us, and pray for us.

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