A sad day today

This afternoon we are going to London to assess the damage to our flat and to pack up and move our belongings into storage. Its a sad day. Not coping with it all today.

In addition to the events that I blogged about last week, I had a small accident in the car which is going to cost a few hundred pounds to fix and our buyers solicitor still wont speak to ours so we may or may not exchange tomorrow.

Sometimes I wonder when it will all end. But it does seem trivial compared to what so many people go through. We are both safe and healthy, we have enough money to live on and a roof over our heads and we have an amazing new house to look forward to. I keep having to remind myself of these things.

In the words of a delirious? song that has kept me going for the last few months,
‘Everything little thing’s gonna be alright, every little thing is gonna be ok’

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