Monthly Archives: April 2008

Wrong number

I’m sat at work trying to to do any (actually, I’m looking for a greener/cheaper gas and electric provider who will subsidise cavity wall & loft insulation for my new home). The day was looking dull and uninspiring. It still is to be honest but I have had a bit of a giggle.

For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember, I work in a secondary school in a pastoral role. So here I am, sat at my desk, trying to plan the day ahead when the phone rings. I answer the phone ‘Good morning, tutors office’. A young woman on the other end of the line says awkwardly and rather embarrassedly ‘err, hello. Can I please speak to an incontinence nurse?’ I try to hold off laughing until I have put the phone down.

We do have rather tempermental phone lines here that randomly transfer you to another number but that is the most entertaining one so far. I do hope the nice lady who phoned has the courage to try again and gets through to an incontinence nurse this time!

Meeting the neighbours

On Sunday I met one of our neightbours. We were having a little chat over the garden wall, as you do.

Unfortunatley, my parents dog escaped from the house and didn’t reyurn when we called her. She ran straight into our neighbours front garden, did a wee on their lawn and came back inside. Much apologising and red faces followed.

At least we’ve made an impression!

Locked in

My family came to stay for the weekend. On saturday afternoon my mother and I went to recycle a car load of card/paper (an adventure in itself – the recycling bins are on a dual carriageway where you have to stop on the inside lane, put your hazard lights on and try to unload the car without any paper items blowing into the path of passing cars!).

When we got back, we went tried to get into the lounge (where dad, sister, granny and parents dog were all having a sit down). Unfortunately the door would open. We turned the handle one way and then the other it it still wouldn’t open.

I unscrewed the knob in the outside and fiddled with the mechanism but the door still wouldn’t open. Tried to pass the screwdriver through the window in the lounge but it was the only window in the house that was left locked. Tried then to push they window key under the door but the gap wasn’t big enough.

Eventually brute force and a bit of luck opened the door.

What an adventure!

Living it large at the new wibblyfish house

Mr WF is away this week and after a long weekend of moving, decorating, unpacking and building furniture I am more than a little tired. The last few evenings have consisted of coming home from work, eating tea (made a big batch of pasta & veg with tinned tomato soup for a sauce) and retiring to bed to watch TV (would never normally have a TV in the bedroom, but sometimes it is just neccessary). Unfortunately we can only seem to get channel 5 and I have lost the TV remote. So, every night at around 7, I give my mum a call and ask her to look in their TV guide and tell me what is on 5 that evening.

Tuesday night I watched Big, Bigger, Biggest (not as dodgy as it sounds, it was actually about the development of aircraft carriers) and fell asleep halfway through.

Wednesday night I watched Monster Moves (about relocating buildings from one place to another in America) and fell asleep halfway through.

Last night I rejoiced because House was on and I stayed awake for the whole show.

What an exciting life I lead!

Quick update

Have no internet, just a a friends picking up some laundry (someone dropped the washing machine during the move and it no longer works 🙁 ), but wanted to let you all know that the move went well. Love the new house, especially the kitchen. Am knackered. WIll upload photos soon (but probably not very soon).

Good news

Contracts have been exchanged on the flat that we’re selling and the house that we’re buying. We will complete and move in a week on Friday.

Almost crying with relief! Can’t wait to move in.