Living it large at the new wibblyfish house

Mr WF is away this week and after a long weekend of moving, decorating, unpacking and building furniture I am more than a little tired. The last few evenings have consisted of coming home from work, eating tea (made a big batch of pasta & veg with tinned tomato soup for a sauce) and retiring to bed to watch TV (would never normally have a TV in the bedroom, but sometimes it is just neccessary). Unfortunately we can only seem to get channel 5 and I have lost the TV remote. So, every night at around 7, I give my mum a call and ask her to look in their TV guide and tell me what is on 5 that evening.

Tuesday night I watched Big, Bigger, Biggest (not as dodgy as it sounds, it was actually about the development of aircraft carriers) and fell asleep halfway through.

Wednesday night I watched Monster Moves (about relocating buildings from one place to another in America) and fell asleep halfway through.

Last night I rejoiced because House was on and I stayed awake for the whole show.

What an exciting life I lead!