Locked in

My family came to stay for the weekend. On saturday afternoon my mother and I went to recycle a car load of card/paper (an adventure in itself – the recycling bins are on a dual carriageway where you have to stop on the inside lane, put your hazard lights on and try to unload the car without any paper items blowing into the path of passing cars!).

When we got back, we went tried to get into the lounge (where dad, sister, granny and parents dog were all having a sit down). Unfortunately the door would open. We turned the handle one way and then the other it it still wouldn’t open.

I unscrewed the knob in the outside and fiddled with the mechanism but the door still wouldn’t open. Tried to pass the screwdriver through the window in the lounge but it was the only window in the house that was left locked. Tried then to push they window key under the door but the gap wasn’t big enough.

Eventually brute force and a bit of luck opened the door.

What an adventure!