Wrong number

I’m sat at work trying to to do any (actually, I’m looking for a greener/cheaper gas and electric provider who will subsidise cavity wall & loft insulation for my new home). The day was looking dull and uninspiring. It still is to be honest but I have had a bit of a giggle.

For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember, I work in a secondary school in a pastoral role. So here I am, sat at my desk, trying to plan the day ahead when the phone rings. I answer the phone ‘Good morning, tutors office’. A young woman on the other end of the line says awkwardly and rather embarrassedly ‘err, hello. Can I please speak to an incontinence nurse?’ I try to hold off laughing until I have put the phone down.

We do have rather tempermental phone lines here that randomly transfer you to another number but that is the most entertaining one so far. I do hope the nice lady who phoned has the courage to try again and gets through to an incontinence nurse this time!

One thought on “Wrong number

  1. I made a great wrong number call when I worked in a hospital some years ago. I had to spend a day getting suppliers’ phone numbers off a computer system and ringing them up for quotes on various items. After a few hours I stopped looking at what the items were and just quoted the product reference numbers. Which was fine, until I came to a record which had the wrong number typed into the computer…

    Him: "Hello?"
    Me: "Hi, this is Steve from **** Hospital. I’m just after a quote for product number XYZ123 please."
    Him: "Erm… [a few seconds of silence] right, and what is the product?"
    Me: [scanning down paperwork] "It’s, um… enema bags."
    [uncomfortable pause]
    Him: "Sorry mate, this is Kwik-Fit…"

    (for the benefit of overseas readers, Kwik-Fit are a large chain of car-servicing garages, not generally known for supplying enema bags)

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