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Privacy vs sunlight

I took down the net curtains yesterday to wash them and can’t decide whether to put them back up or not. I love the unhindered sunlight coming through the windows. I’ve just put one back up in the north-facing lounge (we have housegroup here tonight) and already it seems dingier and hazy.

We live in a residential area which isn’t hugely busy but does have a fair number of passers by and kids playing football in the street. Dilemma. Do we leave them down or put them back up? I have already permanently removed the ones in the kitchen (at the back of the house) and in the hallway upstairs and down and temporarily removed the ones in the dining/sewing room (still undecided tho). But what about the others? Lounge? Bedrooms? Hmmm…


I’ve been taken aback by how much joy my new home is bringing me. I think, in part, it is due to the change in lifestyle it has brought with it. I spend much more of my free time doing things that I love (baking, gardening, sewing) rather than just watching TV.

I am still very excited by my sewing room and all the things that I can create in there..

I am excited by the garden today. I have finally dug up one of the beds (they are all just grass and weeds) and planted all the cuttings that I have been given. It may not look like much but a lot of hard work and backache went into clearing and planting that bed!
(Did you notice the giant bbq in the corner too?)

I also created a herb garden out of what was, apparently, a coal store! I cleared several bucket loads of coal from it, added some topsoil and planted the herbs. I am very excited about using them in some cooking. Isn’t that a perfect little spot for a herb garden?

More visitors

We have yet more visitors this week. My aunt and 2 cousins are staying at the moment for a few days.

There was panic on Tuesday as the toilet stopped flushing (and the downstairs toilet is effectively in a shed and the door doesn’t shut). I am proud to say that witht he help of a DIY manual and Mr WF, I managed to fix it myself (the flap valve in the syphon had split). I love being able to fix things myself.

Since Liz (my aunt) and the rats (collective name for her offspring) have arrived we have been to ikea, spent too much money there, built furniture, ripped up part of the floor to make shelves stand level (I only stabbed myself in the toe with a screwdriver once!), made sock animals and converted the dining room into my sewing/craft room. I couldn’t be happier! Here it is:
There is a table where I can keep my sewing machine set up all the time and a shelving unit with one alcove for each of my craft projects (bath bombs, felt making, patchwork…). The next stage in the transformation is to cover the seats on the cheap ikea chairs with funky fabric. I cant wait.

Things that I have made…

I have finally uploaded some photos so here is the teacosy I knitted:

Here is the heat therapy (larger one) and cold therapy bags (smaller one) that I made for M:

The heat therapy bag is scented with jasmine and the cool one with peppermint. I love them! I am going to make some for Mr WF and I in this wonderful stripy fabric:

While I am on a roll with photos, here is moving day (in my wonderfully huge kitchen!)
And here is one of the 4 bedrooms

Holiday time

I am very excited about spending a WHOLE week chilling in my new house. Things I plan to do include but are not limited to:

1) Read
2) Gardening
3) Sitting in the garden (possibly reading but definitely drinking tea)
4) Knitting
5) Making a rice heat therapy bag (with washable cover)

Should be a marvellous week. I am especially excited about the rice heat therapy bag (I may even post a photo when I’m done).

[M: the prototype is for you. Whats your favourite scent? Lavender? Tangerine? Peppermint?]

The special kitty and a very tall tree

Probably don’t even need to expand on that title.

Unfortunately, it was a fir tree and not very easy (by this I mean virtually impossible) for the kitty to descend.

Fortunately, we didn’t need to call the fire brigade. He leapt out of the tree from about 10ft high and trotted off completely unfazed.

At least I know he can get down from trees unaided now.

[For M: Only 2 weeks and you can see him in action]

Sex ed

I have just been given permission to write lesson plans and train tutors to deliver sex ed lessons throughout the school.

I am very excited. Delivering sex education lessons is one of my all time favourite things to do. (Yes, I know I am slightly abnormal)

Exam stress

Exam season has begun and I have spent the last few days dealing with hysterical Year 11 girls who are not eating or suffering from panic attacks or are just too stressed to cope. Yesterday, I virtually had to wrestle an exam paper off a student at the end of the exam.

I think this is causing me more stress than any exam I have taken myself. And we’ve still got over a month to go…

Mowing the lawn

Thanks for all the gardening advice. Mowing the lawn was successful up to a point. The point being roughly two thirds of the way down the garden where the power cable ran out!

[Note to self – buy extension cable]