I’ve been taken aback by how much joy my new home is bringing me. I think, in part, it is due to the change in lifestyle it has brought with it. I spend much more of my free time doing things that I love (baking, gardening, sewing) rather than just watching TV.

I am still very excited by my sewing room and all the things that I can create in there..

I am excited by the garden today. I have finally dug up one of the beds (they are all just grass and weeds) and planted all the cuttings that I have been given. It may not look like much but a lot of hard work and backache went into clearing and planting that bed!
(Did you notice the giant bbq in the corner too?)

I also created a herb garden out of what was, apparently, a coal store! I cleared several bucket loads of coal from it, added some topsoil and planted the herbs. I am very excited about using them in some cooking. Isn’t that a perfect little spot for a herb garden?

One thought on “Joy

  1. Ooh… you could put marigolds in those brick holes -and grow nasturtiums up the fence. They’re all edible (but I’ve never actually eaten them…)

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