More visitors

We have yet more visitors this week. My aunt and 2 cousins are staying at the moment for a few days.

There was panic on Tuesday as the toilet stopped flushing (and the downstairs toilet is effectively in a shed and the door doesn’t shut). I am proud to say that witht he help of a DIY manual and Mr WF, I managed to fix it myself (the flap valve in the syphon had split). I love being able to fix things myself.

Since Liz (my aunt) and the rats (collective name for her offspring) have arrived we have been to ikea, spent too much money there, built furniture, ripped up part of the floor to make shelves stand level (I only stabbed myself in the toe with a screwdriver once!), made sock animals and converted the dining room into my sewing/craft room. I couldn’t be happier! Here it is:
There is a table where I can keep my sewing machine set up all the time and a shelving unit with one alcove for each of my craft projects (bath bombs, felt making, patchwork…). The next stage in the transformation is to cover the seats on the cheap ikea chairs with funky fabric. I cant wait.