Privacy vs sunlight

I took down the net curtains yesterday to wash them and can’t decide whether to put them back up or not. I love the unhindered sunlight coming through the windows. I’ve just put one back up in the north-facing lounge (we have housegroup here tonight) and already it seems dingier and hazy.

We live in a residential area which isn’t hugely busy but does have a fair number of passers by and kids playing football in the street. Dilemma. Do we leave them down or put them back up? I have already permanently removed the ones in the kitchen (at the back of the house) and in the hallway upstairs and down and temporarily removed the ones in the dining/sewing room (still undecided tho). But what about the others? Lounge? Bedrooms? Hmmm…

2 thoughts on “Privacy vs sunlight

  1. I’m not a fan of nets – what about some venetian blinds in the lounge (you can combine them with curtains) – they’ll keep the noses of the neighbours out. You can angle them if the sun is too bright or pull them up if it’s a dingy day.

  2. I live in a ground floor flat with no front garden, so it’s right on the street – you can see straight in. Most of the ground floor flats have their blinds down the whole time, which seems sad. I decided I didn’t want that, so I got frosted glass for the bottom half of the window when I got the windows replaced (I’ve got very high ceilings, so also have tall windows) – I worried that it would make the living room and bedroom feel like a bathroom, but it doesn’t and it means that I can have the blinds fully up and get all the light into the room, but passers by can’t see in. Best of both worlds, I can’t think why more people don’t do it.

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