Monthly Archives: May 2008


I’ve never had a garden before. I should probably do something about it before the grass is waist high. There are a few hurdles to get over first tho. The main one being that we dont have a lawn mower. We have several offers of second hand ones but I think we need to mow sooner than we can get hold of them.

The plan is as follows:
Rope sister into pulling up all the weeds and dandylions.
Borrow lawnmower from neighbours (a bit scared I might break it as I have never mowed a lawn before)
Call granny for advice about what to do next (she is our garden designer)
Lie on freshly cut grass and enjoy sunshine

Happy and sad

Today I feel very happy. I have a job I love, a new wonderful house, a great church, fantastic friends, they kitty is home and the sun is shining. I also am excited about a meeting I have tonight about doing some voluntary work in an area I am very interested in. Life is good.

Strangely, I also feel very sad today. A good friend of mine has been going through a very tough time. Her mum has been hospitalised after a recurrence of bipolar (manic depression). Her medication was changed and after 15 steady, if somewhat sedated years, she kind of lost the plot again. Then, suddenly, on Tuesday night, she had a heart attack and died. How do you deal with that? Please pray for friend, S, her dad C who is a local vicar, and sister B who is 5 months pregnant with her first child.

Things that weren’t on my job description

It happens to all of us. We get roped in to doing things at work that are nowhere near what is on our job description. Some of them turn out to be fun, some of them are a waste of time and some of them are downright annoying.

Chief Year 11 Prom organiser certainly wasn’t on my JD. I offered to be involved in some small way and then a letter was sent out to all Y11 pupils and parents giving my name for all information and purchasing of tickets. Tickets! Noone mentioned tickets to me. I was asked to collect money, and now I am being harassed by students who were expecting tickets. A morning with Publisher beckons.

Neither was Trolley Dolly in my JD. I have somehow now become responsible for this new initiative after being asked to help out one day. The bonus is that I have got to know the kitchen staff from picking up and returning the trolley every day which means I occassionally get preferential treatment at lunchtime. The downside is being made to do sums early in the morning.

So, what extra jobs do you do at work that were never mentioned on the JD?

Kitty is home

Special kitty came home yesterday. He is already causing chaos but its nice to have him back.

The inlaws are here for the weekend too and its not nearly as bad as I thought it may have been.

Its Mr WFs birthday tomorrow. He is very very excited about the present that I have got him (yes, he knows already. I had to check I was getting the right thing), although he wont get it for a while due to a very complicated delivery process (ordered from USA, delivered to the house of a friend of my mum who is coming to the UK next week for a graduation in Cambridge. He will pass it to mum, mum will deliver it to me). Its Logos Bible Software. I’ll get Mr WF to write a review for you when it finally arrives here.

Did I ever mention that I have a very clever mother. She is graduating next week from her PhD at Cambridge University in something to do with theology/environment/old testament that I dont understand. From now on, she will be Dr WF and I am vwery proud of her.

School trip

Yesterday I went on a school trip to the centre of Birmingham with year 7s (aged 11/12). Never again.

For a start, it wasn’t made clear to me that once we got to the centre of town, I would be resonsible for a group of 12 kids.

Secondly, the organisers didn’t really take on board the fact that I have only been into the centre of Birmingham once or twice and certainly didn’t know any of the street names or landmarks that we were meant to point out.

Thirdly, they didn’t provide me with a map. Or a paper bag to breathe into when I found I couldn’t see any of the other groups and had no idea where we were supposed to go.

It was quite a stressful morning but I did manage to return all the kids to the coach with no missing limbs, coats or clipboards.