Monthly Archives: June 2008

A special present

I’ve just been brought a present, for the first time ever, by the special kitty. He ran into the lounge with a small, very dead bird in his mouth. He then proceeded to bat the bird around until we scooped it up in a bag and put it out with the rubbish.

He (the kitty) is now wandering around the house wailing.

I’m secretly quite proud. I never thought he’d have the guts to touch an animal let alone bring one in the house. (Those that have met special kitty will understand!).

On a sideline, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. I want to shut myself away and hide.


I finally hemmed the dress that I have been making and wore it today. Someone asked if Id bought it at Monsoon. I was able to say ‘No. I made it myself’.

I feel very smug.

Not so sure

I’m not so sure about the new hair and new TV gadgety-thing today.

I slept on the hair and ended up with it sticking in all directions. Tried to smooth it out as best as possible but not sure how successful it was. We’ll see what happens after I’ve washed it and tried to style it myself.

I usually check the weather on teletext before getting dress in the morning to make sure I wear temperature-appropriate clothing. Tried to this morning. Teletest didn’t work. Neither did the red button. So I waited for the local new at 6.55. They gave me BBC London. Bearing in mind that I now live in Birmingham, this wasn’t altogether helpful. I had to resort to opening the curtains and looking out the window.

Nothing to say

I had lots of exciting, witty and thoughtful anecdotes planned for you today but a most dull and boring morning has sucked the life out of my creativity. Instead, I give you… bullet points. Its all I can maage at the moment in time (oh how I hate boring pointless days at work).
* Getting Sky TV (or some equivalent) installed today which means that we can record programs onto some box-thing and watch them later. Yipee!
* Having my hair cut later. Am a bit nervous after my last encounter with a hairdresser in Birmingham (how I miss the wonderous Nic who was my hairdresser in London). Yipee/uh-oh.
* My parents are making an unexpected visit at the weekend (along with my sister and most of her belongings which are living with us while she goes travelling). Yipee!
* The garden is looking good after a large donation of plants from a colleague. But not looking so good cos I had to plant them in random places as the soil was too hard to dig anywhere else. Also found lots of plants that where hidden amongst grass and weeds (such as a rose and other yet unidentified planys with pretty flowers).
* Have got the sewing bug and am desperate to start on the next project. There are two hinderances. What will I make? And how will I make it without spending lots of money (trying to save for the rewiring and a car)?
* Went to see Sex and the CIty last night with some girl-friends. Was lots of fun.

Ooops. Need to go. I hear the bell for the end of lunchtime and I need to go and shout at the latecomers. Wouldn’t do to be late myself now would it?

A dress and a banshee

I spent a happy few hours today sewing the dress that I have been working on for the past few weeks. Its not quite finished – need to sew the straps to the back and do the hem. But it is SO exciting I had to show you:
The black bit is not part of the dress (its there so I am not exposing my underwear on the internet). It especially exciting because I can never find a long dress that is long enough for me. That is the main reason I wanted to make one for myself. It has taken quite a few hours (days even) of concentration but only cost a total of about £8.50.

In other news, I just did the quiz that Jack the Lass mentioned. Mr WF is described as ‘banshee-like’ and I am described as ‘fuzzy to the touch’. Heehee.
Jack mentions on her blog

New car

I’m going to see a man about a new car tonight and I might burst with excitment. We have been trying to decide whether to go for it or not but after Horace (our current car) wouldn’t start this morning (despite spending over £300 to try and fix him) we decided it was time to start doing some investigation.

I can’t wait but am also a little nervous (mainly cos I’m a girl, know nothing about cars, having only been driving for a year, am scared that I will damage a new car, and am even more scared that I will damage a car whilst taking it on a test drive).

[As you may have noticed I’m feeling much happier than yesterday. Thanks for all your prayers. x]

A little bit of joy and a large dose of self-pity

Had a lovely weekend with my good friend M. It added a lot of joy to what has been a bit of a miserable week. In actual fact, its not the week that has been miserable, its just that I have. I’m down in the dumps for no apparent reason and am feeling overwhelmingly tired with it.

Having said that, M and I did have a glorious time going to a garden centre, hobbycraft, making baby booties, making (part of) a dress, having a bbq, lazing around. It was wonderful.

Things to look forward to this week…
[hmm, its taking me a long time to think of any…]
2 bbqs to go to for friends birthdays
[cant think of anything else and thats made me even more dpressed]