A little bit of joy and a large dose of self-pity

Had a lovely weekend with my good friend M. It added a lot of joy to what has been a bit of a miserable week. In actual fact, its not the week that has been miserable, its just that I have. I’m down in the dumps for no apparent reason and am feeling overwhelmingly tired with it.

Having said that, M and I did have a glorious time going to a garden centre, hobbycraft, making baby booties, making (part of) a dress, having a bbq, lazing around. It was wonderful.

Things to look forward to this week…
[hmm, its taking me a long time to think of any…]
2 bbqs to go to for friends birthdays
[cant think of anything else and thats made me even more dpressed]

2 thoughts on “A little bit of joy and a large dose of self-pity

  1. i’m so sorry… didn;t relaise you felt like this last week – wish i’d known i would have read a few silly words to you donw the phon eor blown raspberries at you – for they often make you smile and you are so beautiful when you smile!

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