A dress and a banshee

I spent a happy few hours today sewing the dress that I have been working on for the past few weeks. Its not quite finished – need to sew the straps to the back and do the hem. But it is SO exciting I had to show you:
The black bit is not part of the dress (its there so I am not exposing my underwear on the internet). It especially exciting because I can never find a long dress that is long enough for me. That is the main reason I wanted to make one for myself. It has taken quite a few hours (days even) of concentration but only cost a total of about £8.50.

In other news, I just did the quiz that Jack the Lass mentioned. Mr WF is described as ‘banshee-like’ and I am described as ‘fuzzy to the touch’. Heehee.
Jack mentions on her blog

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