Nothing to say

I had lots of exciting, witty and thoughtful anecdotes planned for you today but a most dull and boring morning has sucked the life out of my creativity. Instead, I give you… bullet points. Its all I can maage at the moment in time (oh how I hate boring pointless days at work).
* Getting Sky TV (or some equivalent) installed today which means that we can record programs onto some box-thing and watch them later. Yipee!
* Having my hair cut later. Am a bit nervous after my last encounter with a hairdresser in Birmingham (how I miss the wonderous Nic who was my hairdresser in London). Yipee/uh-oh.
* My parents are making an unexpected visit at the weekend (along with my sister and most of her belongings which are living with us while she goes travelling). Yipee!
* The garden is looking good after a large donation of plants from a colleague. But not looking so good cos I had to plant them in random places as the soil was too hard to dig anywhere else. Also found lots of plants that where hidden amongst grass and weeds (such as a rose and other yet unidentified planys with pretty flowers).
* Have got the sewing bug and am desperate to start on the next project. There are two hinderances. What will I make? And how will I make it without spending lots of money (trying to save for the rewiring and a car)?
* Went to see Sex and the CIty last night with some girl-friends. Was lots of fun.

Ooops. Need to go. I hear the bell for the end of lunchtime and I need to go and shout at the latecomers. Wouldn’t do to be late myself now would it?