Not so sure

I’m not so sure about the new hair and new TV gadgety-thing today.

I slept on the hair and ended up with it sticking in all directions. Tried to smooth it out as best as possible but not sure how successful it was. We’ll see what happens after I’ve washed it and tried to style it myself.

I usually check the weather on teletext before getting dress in the morning to make sure I wear temperature-appropriate clothing. Tried to this morning. Teletest didn’t work. Neither did the red button. So I waited for the local new at 6.55. They gave me BBC London. Bearing in mind that I now live in Birmingham, this wasn’t altogether helpful. I had to resort to opening the curtains and looking out the window.

2 thoughts on “Not so sure

  1. I work on the same principle, but tend to find the teletext mini summary a little too vague sometimes; on more than one occasion I have been utterly soaked by a heavy downpour rather than the "light rain" I had been advised to prepare myself for…

    If you’re still having trouble with both teletext and the local news not actually being local at all, you can always look at the forecast on the BBC website; initially it will probably give you the London one, but you can reset it to automatically show you Birmingham or anywhere else you fancy. In general I’ve found it’s virtually identical to the teletext forecast, just with slightly more detail (i.e. wind speed).

    Hope that helps… 🙂

  2. BBC website definitely recomended for the weather. Clean flannel, rinsed in hot water, wrung out and placed on head for a few minutes while dressing to deal with the sticky up hair!

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