Monthly Archives: June 2008

No sympathy

Mr WF went on an adventure this week. We went on a team retreat with work. They were instructed to meet at the airport with passport and clothes suitable for sunny weather and the beach.

I was very jealous.

He came home unable to walk and with 1st degree burns on his feet (which had also swollen up to an enormous size). Apparently he put suncream everywhere else but forgot about his feet.

As the title may lead you to believe, there has been little sympathy.

Old car

I think that it may be about time to replace the car. It is over 15 years old and is starting to cost us more money than its worth.

So, do we want a practical car that will last us a good long time (size-wise) or do we go for a frivolous fun little thing.

And how do we pay for a new car AND pay for the rewiring (which is currently postponed as I can’t bear to have my newly sorted out house turned upside down again)?