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Greenbelt 2008

I just tried to reply to the GB thread on the messageoard but it wouldnt let me (kept saying that my password was incorrect despite the fact I have never used one on it before). THis is what I said:

‘I’m definitely up for a meet at Greenbelt. Sat is fine (or anytime really as I have no plans). I’m a little bit nervous about GB to be honest. I know a few people going but they’re all camping with groups of people, so it will just be me and Mr WF on our own. It could end up being a little bit lonesome :(‘

I was really looking forward to GB but now I am anxious that we are going to be loners. It is always so much fun going to these things with other people. As we’ve only been once before, we are still newbies and need some experienced bods to guide us (last time is was Mr & Mrs Fishsoup). Oh well. I’m sure we’ll have a great time and look forward to meeting you all there.

Malteser fudge

I have been honing my fudge recipe and this is the final product. Its delicious and only 20 calories per slice (thats 2 weightwatchers points).

350g maltesers (2 big bags)
170ml evaporated milk ( a small tin)
125g golden castor sugar
25g butter
100g marshmallows

Put butter, sugar and evaporated milk into a large pan and bring to the boil. Boil vigorously for 4 minutes, stiring constantly. Turn heat to lowest setting and add maltesers and marshmallows. Stir until marshmallow is all melted (honeycomb bits of maltesers will stay intact). Line a tin with cling film. Pour mixture into tin and put in the fridge to set. Cut into 36 pieces. Eat and enjoy.


For once I actually did something that I set out to do at the start of the day. Although, rather shamefully, I have been so engrossed in creating that I haven’t yet changed out of my pyjamas (as I write, its 9.20pm)!

I made a lovely bag out of tea towels, and these glorious masterpieces. I’m SO excited!





And this piccie is just for M

A day of creating

I have the creating urge at the moment. I want to make things! I may have accidentally spent an awful lot of money on fabric last week in order to get on witht he making.

Last night I made a little coin purse (wool on the outside, lined with blue stripes) and some malteser fudge. Today I am planning to make tote bags out of tea towels and handbags to match my coin purse.

School finishes next Tuesday for the summer and I am planning to get started on making lots of Christmas presents (I know its ridiculously early but I need something to keep me busy over the hols). I’ll post pictures when they’re ready.


Today is a bit of a busy day at work so I am hiding in my office and hoping that noone wants me to do anything. I am tired, rundown and am aching all over.

On a brighter note (for me, not the people involved), something happened at work that made me laugh this morning (although, it probably was a bit mean to laugh).

Two senior colleagues took the yr10 Leisure & Tourism group to Dublin for the day yesterday. Unfortunately, there were computer glitches meaning that all flights back were cancelled, so they got to spend the night in the airport with a class of not-the-best-behaved boys and flew back at 6 this morning. What a nightmare for them (but slightly entertaining for the rest of us and very exciting for the kids on the trip!).

On yet another brighter note – we picked up the new car last night. Its pretty and shiny and goes really fast. I want to go and play in it and drive around but really should do some work. Nearly the end of term now though…


Life has been very busy and I haven’t managed to find time to post.

I could have told you about the crazy aquatone instructor, the day spend drinking pink sparkly and watching tennis on TV, the car that wouldn’t work, the new car that we’re getting next week, the crazy day at work I had today.

But instead, all I’m going to tell you about is my Nana. She died today. I’m torn between feeling very upset and feeling relieved. She has been in a home for years (she suffered from dementia) and has been deteriorating rapidly. Last time I saw her she had no idea who I was. I’m sad because I loved her (obviously) and because it leaves my dad on his own (apart from his wife and rowdy kids). He was an only child. His dad died years ago and he has no other living relatives. I want to go and give him a big hug but I can’t because he’s not there.