Today is a bit of a busy day at work so I am hiding in my office and hoping that noone wants me to do anything. I am tired, rundown and am aching all over.

On a brighter note (for me, not the people involved), something happened at work that made me laugh this morning (although, it probably was a bit mean to laugh).

Two senior colleagues took the yr10 Leisure & Tourism group to Dublin for the day yesterday. Unfortunately, there were computer glitches meaning that all flights back were cancelled, so they got to spend the night in the airport with a class of not-the-best-behaved boys and flew back at 6 this morning. What a nightmare for them (but slightly entertaining for the rest of us and very exciting for the kids on the trip!).

On yet another brighter note – we picked up the new car last night. Its pretty and shiny and goes really fast. I want to go and play in it and drive around but really should do some work. Nearly the end of term now though…