Greenbelt 2008

I just tried to reply to the GB thread on the messageoard but it wouldnt let me (kept saying that my password was incorrect despite the fact I have never used one on it before). THis is what I said:

‘I’m definitely up for a meet at Greenbelt. Sat is fine (or anytime really as I have no plans). I’m a little bit nervous about GB to be honest. I know a few people going but they’re all camping with groups of people, so it will just be me and Mr WF on our own. It could end up being a little bit lonesome :(‘

I was really looking forward to GB but now I am anxious that we are going to be loners. It is always so much fun going to these things with other people. As we’ve only been once before, we are still newbies and need some experienced bods to guide us (last time is was Mr & Mrs Fishsoup). Oh well. I’m sure we’ll have a great time and look forward to meeting you all there.

One thought on “Greenbelt 2008

  1. I’ve only just seen this – sorry to have missed it earlier. Really really looking forward to meeting you at GB. I will be camping in the workers’ area (HD is doing his usual knob-pushing in the New Forms venue), so I can’t offer to have you camp with us (unless either of you are also going as workers), but if we meet up at the wibsite bash then we can make sure that we keep an eye out for you 🙂

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